6 Reasons Why Firewall Technology is a Must-Have for Every Home

Most residential spaces and private homes are witnessing cases of catching fire and burning down in front of the owner’s eyes. Due to these unfortunate incidents, there are increasing deaths and burning incidents in the vicinity of houses. Since our houses are supposed to be our safe spaces and our secure haven, we need to ensure that there are no incidents of burning or inflammation in the house. Protecting our family members from such unfortunate incidents should be our top priority, and thus, we must look for plywood products that are equipped with fire-resistant technologies in our homes.

We must therefore look for products that are fire-redundant, easily prevent inflammation and fire mishaps in the house and delay the fire penetration time to help us exit the location safely. There are multiple products that claim to have installed such fire-resistant technologies during their manufacture, but they are not genuinely performing the function they claim to possess. Therefore, it is important to choose the plywood product wisely in order to avoid regretting purchases later when the incident takes place.

Top Benefits of Installing Firewall Technology by CenturyPly

Firewall Technology by CenturyPly is an assured technology that prevents the spread of flames and fire in residential spaces due to its slow penetration rate and gas absorption abilities. In addition, it is equipped with several other benefits that make it the most reliable technology amongst other plywood manufacturers claiming to install similar technologies in their plywood. Let us closely examine the top benefits associated with installing fire-resistant technology-equipped plywood in our homes.

  • The integrity of Panel structures against fire helps prevent the rapid spreading of fire in the houses; This is possible primarily due to the inherent strength of the wood and the adhesives used in its internal structure. We also employ a nano-engineered treatment in our technology that helps add an extra strong layer of fire protection.
  • Lesser smoke and gas-related emission in the house prevent medical conditions of poisoning, unconsciousness and lung-related diseases.
  • We use non-hygroscopic materials to avoid increased absorption of moisture from the external environment, thereby avoiding contact with other hardware in the house and intensifying unnecessary corrosion.
  • We also employ nano-engineering in order to improve and enhance the fire resistance of the plywood, and it also helps reduce ignition and inflammation of highly inflammable substances present in the house.
  • All our plywood products employed with fire-resistant technologies are in strict conformation to the American Society for Testing and Materials and include strict compliance to ASTM E84.
  • Equipped with ViroKill and thereby responsible for killing 99.99% of germs


Our plywood for home is equipped with fire-resistant technology and is highly reliable for avoiding unfortunate incidents of fire and other fire-related disasters. Do not easily get into the trap of other plywood manufacturers who claim to embed fire-resistant technologies in their plywood boards and subsequently land you into trouble by not performing the function. All plywood boards by CenturyPly are the only reliable and genuine fire-resistant and low flame penetration rate supporting products. Come and create a safe space for yourself and your family members by designing your homes, including fire-resistant plywood board in your house as well as external spaces, including offices, galleries of art, laboratories as well as basements.

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