6 Compelling Reasons to Choose CenturyPromise

CenturyPromise is an app designed by Century Ply that enables consumers to check the certifications of the plywood they are buying. You simply have to scan the code on the plywood through your mobile phone, and the certifications of the plywood will be with you in a few seconds. The app is extremely useful to check the authenticity of the plywood which you are buying.

Plywood comes in a variety of quality and grade. Grade A is the strongest and the most durable type. Similarly, a number of varieties of plywood are also available in the market. For making a wise purchase and ensuring that you get the best quality, it is advisable to check the certifications of the plywood thoroughly. Though there are many trustworthy brands available still, if you are not aware enough, you can get cheated.

Compelling Reasons to Choose Century Promise

The Century Promise app is very useful if you are willing to buy plywood. It gives you a thorough check-up of the plywood you are willing to buy and makes your investment-wise, and reduces the risk of any fraud.

Following are some compelling reasons to choose the century promise app:

  • Checking quality by the customer

Century Promise app enables you to perform the quality check by yourself without the intervention of a second person. You just have to scan, and you will come to know the quality of the plywood you are willing to buy. It enables you to spend the money carefully and prevents any risk in the future.

  • Transparency for retailers

Century Promise app is not only a boon for the consumer but also for the retailer. Retailers can trust this app to show the certification of the plywood they are selling to the consumer. This creates transparency between the buyer and the seller and is beneficial for both.

  • E-warranty

Every plywood comes with a warranty that can be used if you have any problem with the product in the future. Most of the time, a hard copy of a warranty is given while purchasing, which can be lost in the future when it is needed. Century Promise app archives the E-warranty of your plywood. You can easily access this E-warranty whenever you need it in the future simply by logging into your account.

  • User-friendly

Century Promise app is user-friendly, and one doesn’t need to invest a lot of time in learning how to use it. You just have to follow some basic steps to set up your account on the app and have to scan the code on the plywood, and you will get the certification of your plywood. The certification remains stored there in the app and can be accessed in the future. The app is available for both Play Store and IOS.

  • Free of cost

Century Promise app is entirely free to choose from. They do not charge you a single penny to check plywood quality. It is the most important feature which makes the app worth all the appreciation. One gets the premium quality check through the Century Promise app without any charge.

  • Compatibility

Century Promise app is compatible with any device. You can easily access the app from both tablet and smartphone according to your comfort.


Century Promise app is one of its kind. It not only serves the most important purpose of checking the quality of plywood but that too without any charges. It can be used flexibly by anyone who is buying and selling plywood. It is indeed a revolution in the plywood market, benefitting both buyers and retailers.

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