Unleashing Teams Efficiency: Top 7 Project Management Software

Running a business? Then, you must be aware of the importance of team coordination and collaboration. In the modern era of digital communication, intact project management software is a must to unleash a team’s full potential. 

A project management tool is not just about setting milestones, crafting roadmaps and tracking projects. They hold immense potential and unconditional benefits like team management and streamlining business workflows. 

The market is loaded with tons of project management solutions that work to improve the overall company’s performance. These solutions break the silos and feature advanced tools to foster effective communication and better employee productivity.

This guide explores seven top-rated project management solutions that boost team collaboration over projects. No matter on what scale you run your business, our top picks have got you covered.

Let’s jump into the crux of this guide.


Kintone is an extensive workplace management solution with a centralized database. It presents a series of collaboration, marketing, project, workflow and sales management specs under one roof. Kintone organizes work, boats effortless collaboration, optimizes workflows and shapes project streams. This sturdy software even unifies conversations. Additionally, Kintone provides on-the-go data access so teams can collaborate without missing a beat. 


API connectivity

Two-factor authentication

Cross-department collaborative spaces

Comment panel

Workflows and process management


Intuitive drag-and-drop interface

Granular permission controls

Presents revision history when needed

Sets up dedicated discussion threads


High learning curve

Some functionality is missing


Kintone comes with one exclusive plan for all that costs $24/user/month. It is effective for a minimum of 5 users. 

Minitab Engage

Minitab Engage is an innovative solution that turns ideas into effective project visions and strategies. Driving businesses to operational excellence, the vendor accelerates growth and improves profitability. Minitab Engage even tracks critical performance metrics to demonstrate ROI. It is even loaded with problem-solving tools for better project execution. The vendor even governs data and even provides statistical consultants. 


Fishbone diagrams

Monte Carlo simulation

Mind maps and project roadmaps

Analysis capture

Mapping tools and customizable forms


Innovative idea management

Statistical consultation

Sets strategic priorities

Accelerates business growth


It isn’t compatible with windows


Minitab Engage has not shared its cost details publicly. 


Bitrix24 is a simplistic project management tool specially crafted for remote teams. With a prime emphasis on mobility, the vendor focuses on team productivity and collaboration. Bitrix24 offers a multitude of services under one ecosystem, making project and workforce management a no-brainer. The deal breaker for most users is the built-in CRM that manages leads, upsurging sales and revenue. It can be the “ONE” for you.


Project and team management

CRM and lead management

Client service and communication

Mobile task management 

Chat and video conferencing


Values employee opinions

Allows managing employee attendance

Automates routine workflows

Nurtures unified workspaces


No free plan

Awful customer service


Bitrix software offers four plans ranging from $ 5 to $399/user/month. There’s a minimum 250-user limit for the enterprise plan. 


Driving productivity across teams, Hubstaff has been an ultimate companion of businesses since its emergence. It is like a one-stop shop, tracking time, shaping workflows and improving productivity metrics. Hubstaff aligns its services with your company’s goals, ensuring a profitable business. You can even set productivity benchmarks, improve workforce management and nurture meaningful employee experience. 


Geo-fencing employee tracking

Workforce analytics

Work order management 

Overtime tracker

Account provisioning


Unlimited integrations

Keep teams on track

Zero learning curve

Reduce burnout by balancing workload


Feels intrusive for employees

Occasional bugs


The price range of Hubstaff ranges from $4 to $10/user/month for a minimum of 2 users for three of its fixed price bundles.  There’s a custom-made enterprise plan, too. 


Nurturing unified workplaces, ProofHub came into existence as an all-rounder project management platform. It keeps projects organized and ensures teams are on the same page. ProofHub enhances collaboration with services like threaded discussions, shared notes, and shared updates. Organizations can afford this multilingual solution without breaking the bank. ProofHub even manages client feedback.


Time tracking

Custom roles

Markup tools and activity logs

Task management

Shared feedback on files


No more accountability issues

Instant one-click approvals

Stores version history

Workflows optimization


Integration can be scaled up


ProofHub offers two plans. It charges a flat rate for both its cost bundles, ranging from $45 to $99/user/month.


WebEx is a purposely built hybrid solution renowned as the leader in collaboration. The software unifies calling, employee polling, meeting, event management, messaging and webinars at a user-friendly cost. WebEx platform maximizes the customer experience with its award-winning workspace tools and services. Moreover,  the vendor improves organizational sustainability and streamlines the workload of frontline workers.


CRM integrations

Easy content and screen sharing

Workforce optimization

Experience management



Creates delightful customer journey

Drive smarter interactions

Nurtures hybrid workplace

Supports on-the-go collaboration


Complicated software

Outdated user interface


WebEx packs a plethora of plans for varying products, such as meetings, calling, and webinars. Overall, it ranges from $0 to $68.75/user/month. 


Slack is an exquisite team productivity platform that automates routine tasks. This collaboration hub manages all the moving pieces of projects, ensuring nothing slips through the cracks. Packing power integrations for project tracking and file sharing is the cornerstone of Slack. Moreover, it features project channels for discussing roadmaps, planning specific events and more for dedicated project planning.


Workflow builder

Enterprise key manager

Huddle for audio and video calls

Channels (focused project spaces)

Slack connect


Increases project visibility

Bring teams together

Helps businesses scale

Meets regulatory requirements 


Limited file storage

It isn’t that great


Aside from the free plan, Slack offers pro, business and a custom-made enterprise plan. They cost $7.25 and $12.50/user/month.

Final Remarks

Modernizing workspaces and nurturing effective team communication is not a piece of cake. You cannot do so without opting for the digital transformation. As explored in this guide, project management solutions can help you attain this goal. Wait no more and choose one of our handpicked vendors to enhance your organization’s workspace management and team collaboration skills. This is your way to go!

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