Tips To Choose Furniture Woods According to Your Lifestyle

Do you want to use wood furniture for your home? Wood has been used in furniture manufacturing for many years due to its durability and beauty.

You know that there are many possibilities when it comes to the types of wood used in furniture production. The wood used to make furniture ranges from cheap and traditional pine to expensive hardwoods that are used for luxury furniture.

Types of woods for furniture:

The following species of plants are most commonly used in the production of furniture around the globe. The most commonly used woods are listed below.

According to Waterloo renovations experts, Keep in mind that the care of parquet and wood will determine how long our floors can be used.


Oak is associated with strength and this attribute, a yellowish-brown color, is the most noticeable. This is the best choice if you want furniture that will last many years.

It is available in many colors and can be finished with any finish. Oak furniture can be seen in rustic and traditional decor.

Oak is associated with strength and is very hard. It is also a wood that requires little maintenance, particularly in furniture for the interior.


It is also resistant and durable. It is mostly used for kitchen furniture doors. Another option that we should consider if you are searching for durable furniture. Walnut, olive, and oak are other types of hardwood.

Chestnut furniture has a darker color, so it’s used in designer furniture as well as traditional furniture.


Mahogany speaks of quality. And mhogany furniture has long been associated with high economic status. This wood is used to make high-quality furniture.

However, it needs special care. It requires humidity in the air and protection from sunlight.

Furniture made of mahogany is not only expensive but also extremely elegant. We recommend mahogany furniture if you are looking for something special to add to your home.


Teak is known for its hardness and resistance. And teak is mostly used for colonial furniture. Teak furniture is available in a variety of styles that can be combined with any decor.

Pine tree

It is also very popular because it’s easy to work. Pine wood is ideal for furniture made for children. It can be stained and waxed to produce furniture in almost any color.

It is also a great investment. Softwood is more likely to scratch. Pine furniture is very affordable, so it is a great option if you want to buy cheap furniture for your house.

Cherry tree

Cherry wood has a lovely reddish hue. It is a more fragile wood than oak but it’s widely used for furniture because of its straight lines.

It is also easy to maintain and clean, but you must be careful to not expose it to too much sunlight to prevent discoloration.

How to identify a high-quality piece of furniture?

Can you identify a high-quality piece of furniture by its appearance? Yes, of course. Mahogany is a high-quality hardwood that has a very distinctive tone.

You can tell the quality of wood by looking at it, especially with antique furniture. Wood that has lasted for many years without showing any scratches or signs of wear on its surface layer is a good example of its quality.

On the other hand, wood that shows obvious signs of wear, especially on furniture that isn’t very old, indicates that it was made with inferior wood.

Softwood is often associated with cheaper furniture and cheap hardwood, but this may not be the case in every situation. Softwoods are more resistant to wear and tear than hardwoods.

The general condition of a furniture piece, regardless of whether it is made from low-quality or high-quality wood, is largely determined by how the wood has been used and maintained.

Do I need to replace the furniture when I renovate?

It depends on your goal when you undertake the renovation. If you are looking to change the look of the space completely, it’s best to replace the furniture in your living room.

If you simply want to redistribute elements in your house, then you don’t need to change the furniture.

We recommend protecting your furniture with care if you plan to do a complete renovation of your home so that they don’t get damaged during the renovation.

Furniture is the best ally for a renovation that can change the style of your home. We can completely transform the look of our home if we match the style of the furniture to the renovation.

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