What are The Benefits of Composite Decking Boards?

You’ll probably read about the several advantages composite decking provides over conventional wood when you research the finest material for your new deck build. Composite decking is not only a low-maintenance option, but it also features colour-rich boards plus a real wood-like look, giving you the desired organic aesthetic with minimal upkeep (and long-term cost savings, too). Composite deck boards have become a popular choice for outdoor decking projects due to their durability and low maintenance requirements.

How Does Composite Decking Work?

The term “composite decking” describes deck boards with cores that are either entirely constructed of plastic or a combination of plastic and flakes of natural wood. Composite deck boards might have a 3- or 4-sided cap that can be either partially or completely enclosed. The outside capping of most composite deck boards provides an extra layer of protection, unlike traditional wood.

1. Extraordinary Durability

A deck must be sturdy to value the money. Additionally, if it will be the site of frequent family reunions, it must be extremely sturdy to support the weight of guests, furniture, and household animals. This is what you can anticipate from a composite deck because they are made of a variety of materials for great durability as well as resistance to deterioration over time.

2. Requires Little Maintenance

Composite decking requires less maintenance than wood decking because it won’t rot and degrade over time. It doesn’t even need repainting or refinishing! To maintain it appearing its best, you’ll probably only need to hose it down or power wash it periodically.

3. Environmentally Conscious

Composite decks are made without causing any damage to trees! There is essentially no environmental impact because the bulk of them are produced from recycled or waste materials—especially when contrasted with wood decks that require a fair quantity of timber.

4. Additional Colour Options

Wood decks may be painted or stained in a variety of colours, but over time they will probably need some touch-ups or new coats. In contrast, a vast range of colours and finishes may be created for composite decking, all of which will keep their colour.

5. Splinters are Absent

Without fear of getting splinters, you’re able to comfortably stroll barefoot across composite decking! You, the kids, and maybe even your pets should be happy about this.

6. Splinter-Free

An excellent substitute for all-wood decking is composite decking. These boards won’t splinter along with are safe for bare feet because they are composed of tiny wood fibres enclosed in plastic. This is crucial if you have kids and pets around.

Composite Decking Boards

7. No insect Affliction

Composite decking is less prone to insect damage than wood since it is made to endure the harsh elements while still looking similar to natural wood. Utilising composite decking is one of the greatest ways to fend against insects like termites and ants.

8. Easily Affordable

Even though composite decking is typically more costly, the rising cost of lumber has driven down the price of composite decking significantly.

9. Aesthetics

Composite decking’s high-definition wood grain designs give it an even more realistic appearance and feel than ever before. For that unique outdoor appearance you’ve been searching for, there are numerous possibilities for decking colour as well as a large array of deck devices, including rails, gates, pergolas, and more.

2023 Lumber Shortage: Why Did Prices Rise?

Converging issues including the epidemic, rising Chinese demand abroad, the inevitable destruction of old-growth forests, plus the paucity of timber in the US are to blame. It indicates that prices are unlikely to stabilise anytime soon without significant government intervention. For a homeowner, this means composite decks can be a better alternative right now than wood decks.

Even though the precise amount of timber scarcity is unresolved it is anticipated to last until 2022. The primary cause of this is that it requires years to develop and gather trees, thus this present shortage won’t be resolved right away. Other decking materials like composite might be more affordable because prices are anticipated to stay high in the interim.

Final Words

In conclusion, homeowners who desire the appearance of wood without requiring upkeep might consider composite decking. Due to the utilisation of recycled materials, composite decking is also an environmentally responsible solution. With so many advantages, it makes sense why composite decking has become one of the most often-used options for decking. The most often-used area of an average house is the deck.

The majority of homeowners have visitors, eat dinner, along watch their children play on a terrace. You can be sure that your deck will be pushed to the test if you purchase a home with one! It’s crucial to hire an experienced builder if you’re seeking a deck which can withstand the test of time.

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